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I've been a musician and student of music for 17 years and a music instructor since 2011!
I started playing guitar at the age of 12 with a dream of being Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. 

My parents signed me up for weekly lessons but I quickly figured out that I wanted more; learning songs by ear and jamming with my friends and peers help shape my understanding of music the language, but I still struggled with playing what I heard in my head.

This lead me to John Navarolli, and Ontario Conservatory. Soon afterward I enrolled in Mohawk College and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Jazz Guitar.
Soon afterward I decided to get out into the world and perform; I joined various groups performing all over Canada. Specializing in Rock and Country Guitar, I backup numerous singer blend my voice behind theirs. The tribute band scene is huge, I joined literally every band I could: John Mellancamp, Melissa Etheridge, Toby Keith, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Blue Rodeo, The Beegees and the Eagles. 

I decided to go back to university and obtained a Bachelor of Music from McMaster. 
Currently, I play Lead Guitar and Sing in my band, the Blackstones and run a Lessons studio out of my home in Fort Erie, On.

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