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Music Lessons

Guitar / Bass / Ukulele / Mandolin / Piano / Vocals / Songwriting


"Bryce is an amazing music teacher. He listens to what my daughter is interested in learning and tailors the lessons to her needs and wants. He encourages her to step outside her comfort zone to perform in front of others but in a way that is right for her without pushing too hard. The confidence she now has, continues to grow with his guidance and ability to give her the little push she needs to share her talent with others. She has been taking lessons for over 3 years now and she loves going each week. Bryce takes the time to chat with her about things other than music as well and really get to know her. We couldn't ask for a better music teacher for her. He is the best!" - Sherry Pepin

Music Lessons


Children & Music

Why should children take music lessons? Music allows them to improve social skills, confidence, creativity, and expression! 

At Moore Music we focus on the fundamentals of music including; ear training, rhythm, pitch, sight reading, playing songs & theory.

We will have fun, while we learn!

(For children of all ages)


Vocal Training

Is your instrument your voice? Let's build confidence and skill! We will work on pitch, rhythm, articulation & phrasing. You'll also learn vowel placement and how to hear the function and tonality of chords and songs.



Adult Beginners

Do you wish you picked up a guitar sooner or have a sudden urge to learn an instrument?  It's never too late to learn a new skill!

At Moore Music we teach students from 0-100 years old! We work at a pace that you're comfortable with in a no pressure and comfortable atmosphere. Let's start learning today.


Live Performance

Do you confidently play an instrument and you're ready to share your musical talent with the world? At Moore Music you will learn how to perform to an audience! We teach you all there is to know about music equipment, how to set it up and use it on a gig. Not sure how to get a gig?

We can help with that too!

Many of our students go on to perform all over the Niagara region, making money doing what they love!



Do you already have experience in music and you're looking to be challenged? Amazing! 

Let's figure out your goals and where you want to go next. This course will push you to the next level, and help you discover a road map to unlock your full potential in music.  


Royal Conservatory of Music Ear Training & Exam Prep

Students interested in pursuing music at the college or university level will be a step ahead for their auditions with theory certification for intermediate and advanced rudiments.


Music in every form. Music and Moore!

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