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A Beginners Guide to Guitar Parts: Anatomy of the Guitar

Grab your guitar and start learning all the different guitar parts!

Acoustic Guitar Anatomy Diagram
Guitar Parts for Beginner Guitar Players


  • The headstock is located at the top of the guitar neck.

  • It holds the tuning pegs, which you'll use to adjust the tension of the strings and tune your guitar.

Tuning Pegs:

  • Found on the headstock, the tuning pegs are used to tighten or loosen the strings, adjusting their pitch.

  • Turn the pegs clockwise to increase tension (higher pitch) and counterclockwise to decrease tension (lower pitch).


  • The nut is a small, usually rectangular piece at the top end of the neck.

  • It has grooves that hold the strings in place, maintaining proper spacing.


  • The neck is the long, narrow part of the guitar connecting the headstock to the body.

  • Frets are metal strips embedded along the neck, allowing you to change the pitch of the notes by pressing the strings against them.


  • The fretboard, also called the fingerboard, is the flat surface on the front of the neck.

  • It typically has inlays or markers to help you navigate and identify different fret positions.


  • The body is the large, hollow or solid part of the guitar beneath the neck.

  • On an acoustic guitar, the body amplifies the sound produced by the strings.


  • Found on the top of an acoustic guitar, the soundhole allows the sound to resonate within the body, creating a fuller tone.


  • The bridge is located on the body, near the bottom.

  • It holds the strings in place and transfers their vibrations to the guitar body, contributing to the overall sound.


  • The saddle is a small piece on the bridge that elevates and supports the strings.

  • It plays a role in transferring vibrations to the guitar body.


  • Most guitars have six strings, each tuned to a specific pitch (E, A, D, G, B, E).

  • You produce sound by plucking or strumming the strings.

Now that you know the parts of the guitar, you're ready for beginner guitar lessons!

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